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The HP11-W

The HP11W is a convenient Windows emulator program for the HP11C. Hewlett Packard made this calculator from 1981 to 1989 and since then has concentrated on other products.

Its financial sister (HP12C) is still in production. HP11W mimics the convenient and successful design of the HP11C.


  • Lightweight executable file (only +/-750kB)
  • Minimize to system tray
  • Integrated Version check through internet
  • This calculator supports all the functions of the original HP11C Calculator, including all programmable functions, Gamma function, Statistical functions, Trigonometric functions, Index memory, Indirect memory adressing and of course all the standard arithmetic functions.
  • Programming includes Flags (9 flags), tests on values, breakpoints.
  • A convenient program visualization window allows easier programming than the original HP11C.
  • All existing programs for this calculator run also on this emulation without modification of any kind.
  • All programs can be stored on your disk, so no need to retype them everytime you need them.
  • The HP11W has permanent “memory”, and knows how to handle the radixmark and thousands separator (“.”/”,” for US and “,”/”.” for Europe).
  • You can visualize all internal values in the Memory, the Stack and the programming memory.
  • Program memory has space for 999 program lines, without converting storage registers into program memory.



The original HP11-C Calculator